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It's a strange situation when it comes to you and me

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About this journal: Here you'll find icons and graphics, random ramblings about boring real life stuff, posts of fangirly squeeing, fic here and there, and probably just whatever comes to mind at the time.

I am: a girl, a writer/fanfictioner, an abuser of the words 'awesome' and 'dude', easily distracted, a sqeeing fangirl, anti-spoiler, friendily.

Current fandoms: Supernatural. And Heroes is starting to pull me in a bit as well

Spoilers: I don't like getting spoiled myself so no worries. I keep anything spoilery under lj-cuts so unless you click those cuts, you don't have to worry about being spoiled.

Friending policy: Yeah, really don't have one right now. Friend away, you don't have to ask. :) And if you drop me a comment I'll add you back. So, yeah. Friend and defriend at will.



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made by carmendove